Beautiful East About the project

The aim of the „Promotion of balanced tourism development” project is to increase interest in the tourist offer of five Eastern Poland voivodeships: Warmia Masuria, the Podlasie province, the Lublin Region, the Podkarpackie province, the Świętokrzyskie province (also referred to as the Holy Cross province). Its specific objective is to reach the biggest group of target audience and to provide it with promotional materials presenting the positive aspects of eastern Poland.

The project is being covered due to the subsidy from the European Regional Development Fund and financial means from the national budget as part of Action V.1 of Operational Programme “Development of Eastern Poland” for 2007-2013, the beneficiary of which is Polish Travel Agency as results from the announcement made by the Ministry of Regional Development in October 11, 2007 and concerning individual projects (M.P. Nr 89 poz. 971 as ammended*).
 A contract for a subsidy to a project was concluded on February 15, 2010. The project budget is PLN 23.944.117,68 (for January 2010 - October 2012 period).

The project consists of components:

  1.  Working out a study of Eastern Poland tourist attractiveness determinants, to analyze travel segments and types of tourists who play e vital role in regional economies of the region (task fulfilled). As part of the component the analysis entitled “Eastern Poland tourist attractiveness determinants” was carried out. An inventory of Eastern voivodeships tourist attractions was made as part of it, together with the analysis of travel segments. Moreover, recommendations for the future promotional campaign were formulated. An integral part of the component was quality research on opinions on and attitudes towards travel potential of Eastern Poland. The results of the first component realization became the point of departure for the realization of the second component which was vital to the whole undertaking.
  2. Promoting Eastern Poland as a place for active leisure pursuits – a multimedia promotional campaign. The target audience of a complex campaign promoting the positive travel aspects of Eastern Poland are both domestic tourists (including Eastern Poland inhabitants) and the foreign ones (Germans, Ukrainians). We target not only young people interested in active forms of spending free time but also families with kids or tourists searching for calmness or breathers from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The specific objective of the campaign is to increase interest in tourist offer of five Eastern voivodeships: Lublin voivodeship, Podkarpackie voivodeship, Podlaskie voivodeship, Świętokrzyskie voivodeship and Warmian-Masurian voivodeship. Promotional activity will focus on presenting selected tourist products typical of particular voivodeships. Among the things included in the presentation material there will be valuable natural areas, tourist attractions, rural areas, fantastic traditional cuisine and a range of sports activities. During the campaign special emphasis will be laid on multiculturality of the region. The campaign is carried out as a project complemetary to other promotional projects organized by the Polish Tourist Organization eg. and by particular Eastern Poland voivodeships, but it is not competitive to any of them.

 The website is an element of a campaign, which promotes tourist attractiveness of Eastern Poland voivodeships with a catchphrase: “Beautiful East”

It contains information on a base of tourist attractions divided into 5 categories: „monuments, museums”, “nature”, “entertainment”, “health & beauty”, “……..It is continually enriched with new pieces of information. New attractions of each voivodeship are added to every particular category. With the development of the project new functionalities will be added to the webpage, eg. tourists will be given an opportunity to add their own pictures or information on accommodation and to rank the attractions.
 There are plans to launch an English version of the bulletin in Autumn 2010 and later German and Ukrainian ones. Apart from the webpage there is a number of different activities that the campaign consists of. They include:

  • multimedia campaign in the press, on the radio and the TV, on the Internet and outdoor advertising which is the most costly element of the project (it takes 89% of the budget)
  • PR and BTL campaign which involves visits to the studio, competitions, promotional events and allows to emphasise the positive aspects of the region in an unconventional way

Feel invited to the „Beautiful East of Poland”

 *„Monitor Polski” is the Official Gazette of the Government of the Republic of Poland