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Rynek Kościuszki 10
15-426 Białystok
Podlasie province
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Historia ratusza
Historia ratusza
Podlasie Museum in Białystok is the biggest museum institution in Podlasie Voivodeship. In 1949, the first regional museum in the history of the city was set up by a Ministry of Arts and Culture decree. It was located in the freshly rebuilt right wing of Branicki Palace. In March 1950, the museum was transferred to a reconstructed guest palace from the second part of the XVIII century in Kiliński street. On January 1 1952, the museum got nationalized and The National Museum in Warsaw overtook its content-related supervision. After 8 years of its existence, according to the Minister of Arts and Culture directive issued on July 27, 1957 the Regional Museum in Białystok became converted into a district museum. The scope of its activity broadened as it became responsible for the content care of regional museums in Łomza and Suwałki. On September 13 1958, the District Museum in Białystok was moved to a rebuilt Town Hall from XVIII century. That was a point in time when rapid development of the institution started. Next to the already existent archeology and history studios the art studio opened in 1958, ethnography studio in 1962 and research-education one in 1965. The more buildings of historical value were rebuilt in the surroundings of Białystok, the more of them were handed over for museum purposes. Simultaneously, its content-related activity broadened. In 1973, a Palace in Choroszcze was handed over to the District Museum and interior exhibition was started there. In the same year, a museum post opened in Supraśl in the chapel and refectory of the Opatów Palace. In 1976, the studio of history was transferred to an old tenement at 37 Warszawska street (while the Palace at 6 Kilińskiego street was handed over to the Architecture Institute of the Technical University in Białystok) and a new department in Tykocin was created and found its location in an old synagogue and Talmudical house. In 1982 the next museum department was established – Open Air Village Museum in Białystok and it was situated in the area of the neighbourhood of the road to Augustów. In 1984, a new museum was created in Bielsk Podlaski and found its location in a rebuilt Town Hall. In 1992, the Alfons Karny Museum of Sculpture was opened in a historic villa at 17, Świętojańska street in Białystok. In 2006, a new department of the Icon Museum was established in Supraśl. In April 1998, the District Museum was reshaped into the National Museum in Białystok and in April 2000, its name was changed into Podlaskie Museum in Białystok.