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Zamojska 2
22-600 Tomaszów Lubelski
Lublin Region
The Regional Museum presents the finds within the field of the history of the Tomaszów Lubelski Region. The Regional Museum in Tomaszów Lubelski was established by doctor Janusz Peter, the medical practitioner and well-known expert at the Tomaszów Lubelski Region, former director of the district hospital. The newly established museum place was opened on 7 October 1962. The museum collects historical, ethnographical and archaeological holdings and presents the following exhibitions – permanent exhibitions: "The Material and Spiritual Culture of the Tomaszów Village", "The Prehistory of the Tomaszów Region", "The History of Tomaszów since the foundation to 1939", and an archaeological exhibition: "In the Neolithic Village". The first warden of the Regional Museum was doctor Janusz Peter (1891-1963), the medical practitioner, social worker, artist. Among numerous activities and interests, doctor Peter found the time to paint. The large-size landscapes, today faded a little, still bewitch with their beauty. Apart from the paintings illustrating the beauty of the Tomaszów Region and its inhabitants there are didactic pictures – protected plants, healing herbs, edible and poisonous mushrooms.