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Krasiczyn 179
37-741 Krasiczyn
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Zamek w Krasiczynie
Zamek w Krasiczynie
Krasiczyn, the place nearby Przemyśl, is noted for its castle- park complex, which is one of the most valuable Renaissance monuments in Poland The Castle was built on the plan of irregular quadrilateral and has in its corners four cylindric towers. The brick Castle of a bastile type was erected c. 1580 by Stanisław Krasicki, on the site of the former wooden- earth fortalice. Rebuilding of the Castle in the turn of the 16th century turned it in into the magnificent residence. Nearby the Castle, the beautiful palace park stretches, which is full of unusual trees, bushes and plants. The interiors of Krasiczyn hold an exclusive hotel, restaurant and winery. Numerous tourists arrive to Krasiczyn also to take part in various attractive events. On the Castle courtyard, the most outstanding European musician give concerts. Even knights shows, feasts, festivals and painting and photographic exhibition take place here.