Bell Tower in Leżajsk Add to route
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37-300 Leżajsk
The Bell Tower (for observation and defensive purposes) from 1616, ul. Rynek 1, wase rected by Feliks from Skaryszewo (Skaryszewski), makes up one of the elements of the city fortification within the Parish Church complex. For centuries Leżajsk lay on the trade route leading from the East to Sandomierz and farther, to Gdańsk. War actions, as well as plundering expeditions of Tatars, Cossacks, Swedish and others usually took place in this part of the past Republic of Poland and the tower many times had to fulfil its military function. The tower is crowned with the dome, which is covered with ceramic roof tiles and crowned with the lantern on the circle projection, with added arcades and finally covered with the little dome with the cross. It is a bricked, six- storeyed object, on the square projection, on the last floor there are firing ports. The tower was damaged during fire of the city in 1811, like the roof and wooden gallery on the last floor, however, the gallery was rebuilt in the present form. Three remained artillery shells are very interesting curiosities. They were found in the time of war after bombing of Leżajsk. In future it is planned to carry out renovation works and to make it open to the public in the form of the scenic overlook. At present in the ground level, there is the office of the Tourist Information Centre.