Defensive Walls and Dungeons in Przeworsk. Add to route
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Przeworsk in Middle Ages fulfilled defensive functions, because for centuries it was being attacked by Italian, Turkish, Swedish and by the army of the prince of Transylvania, Rákóczi. That is why visitors can admire the remnants of the fortification in the present day. Apart from the fortification in the area of the Parish Church and Bernardines Monastery, the only places where these defensive walls can be found are the following streets: Kazimierzowska , Kilińskiego , Tkacka , Słowackiego and Saint John. In 1968, the walls were thoughtlessly reduced, that is why only the remnants of Kańczudzka Gateway preserved. Building works were started in 1512. Several years later, king Sigismund granted the privilege which confirmed the fortifications for Przeworsk. There were 3 gateways which led to the town, what is more, the walls had 5 towers. Austrians destroyed a considerable part of the walls during the Partitions, and another part was demolished by German during the Second World War. As most of old towns Przeworsk also possesses basements and dungeons. Their trace was found in 1876, 1930 and thirty years later. Probably one of the special dungeons runs from the Market to the Bernardines Monastery, other corridor goes in the direction of ul. Kąty and runs beyond the former fortifications.