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Muzeum Archidiecezjalne im. Św. Józefa Sebastiana Pelczara w Przemyślu
Muzeum Archidiecezjalne im. Św. Józefa Sebastiana Pelczara w Przemyślu
The Museum was established in 1902 by force of the Diocese Synod resolution on the initiative of the then bishop of Przemyśl Józef Sebastian Pelczar. At the beginning of the century, the basic frames of this institution were drafted. Its main goal was to take care of historic artefacts of the old ecclesiastical art obtained in the area of the diocese. During the following years, the collection was being gathered and the exhibition was being prepared. It was placed in the post jesuitic oratorio above the southren nave of the Church of The Sacred Heart of Jesus. The new Museum was solemnly opened and consecrated on 27 August 1908. In the "Statutes of the Przemyśl Diocese Synod" it was marked, that the Museum should hold all valuable historic artefacts, e.g.: old parchments, altars, statues, paintings, holly vessels, church accessories and any works of art, to preserve them from destruction. In 1993, the Museum was given the name of Saint Józef Sebastian Pelczar. The collections gathered in the Museum comprise the perfect historical documment of evolution of the sacral art in the area of the Przemyśl Diocese during centuries. Collections of John Paul II memorabilia, were placed in the separated hall, and they are i.a. donations passed by the Holy Father. All gathered exhibits (e.g.: liturgical vestments, numerous medals, occasional coins) provide the testimony of the Polish Pope’s pontificate.