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ul. Zamkowa 3
28-200 Kurozwęki Staszów
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
Kurozwęki - fot. E.Dalach
Kurozwęki - fot. E.Dalach
The complex of palaces and parks is located in north-west direction from the town, in the Valley of Czarna river. In the beginnings it was a fortress of the Kurozwęki Family erected by the end of XIV century, known from a document dated to 1400 as „Castrum Curoswank”. From this initial building only fragments of gothic walls and moat are preserved until today. At the turn of subsequent centuries, the building has been repeatedly redeveloped, adding a more and more representative character to it. The years 1768 - 1778 brought a redevelopment of the palace in form of a late Baroque palace with elements of early Classicism. Interesting is a five-axle front in Pompeian red with a semicircular tympanum with a Rococo ornament, panoply and two medallions with native coat of arms of Rawicz and Sołtyk Family. Close to the palace are utility buildings, a hothouse and a landscape park with an old lime lane. In the 90-ies, the palace has been recovered by the Popiel Family, who since then is constantly trying to restore it to the image from its times of magnificence. Furthermore, Mrs. and Mr. Popiel grow a herd of American buffalos, which is the only one in Poland. The whole herd can be observed on the meadows around the palace, during a chaise drive or in a specially adapted car of safari type. The palace restaurant serves buffalo meat in burgundy sauce. An additional attraction is also a mini-zoo, a line slide of 100m length, paintball and a labyrinth in a corn field being unique in Europe.