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The Grunwald - battlefield Add to route
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Warmia Masuria province
Grunwald Pomnik
Grunwald Pomnik
Grunwald (battlefield) – area located in 2 km distance in south-east direction from the village Grunwald, between Stębark, Łodwigów and Ulnowo (district Ostróda, Warmia and Mazury Region). The 15th July 1410, the joined forces of Polish-Lithuanian-Ruthenian-Tartar - also known as allied troops - (about 29 thousand armed forces) under the overall command of Ladislaus Jagiello gained victory over the forces of the Teutonic Knights (about 21 thousand armed forces), led by Ulrich von Jungingen. The Battle of Grunwald was one of the biggest battles of the Middle Ages and has initiated the twilight of the power of the Teutonic Order. On 550th anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, on unveiled the Monument of Grunwald Victory, consisting of three parts: * Granite obelisk * Eleven 30-meter masts symbolizing the flags of Polish and Lithuanian-Russian squadrons, * An amphitheater with the museum rooms of the Battle of Grunwald Museum, a cinema and the visual map of colored stones, showing the setting of troops before the battle. On the battlefield, there are also: * Ruins of a battle chapel, *Mound Jagiello, * Residues of the Grunwald Monument of Cracow, which was destroyed by the Nazis in 1939 Every year around the 15th July on celebrate the Days of Grunwald, organized by the Municipality of Grunwald, the Polish Scout Association - "Community of Grunwald Teams," military and the brotherhood of knights. In addition to the patriotic ceremonies at the Monument of Grunwald Victory, a great attraction is the staging of the Battle of Grunwald realized by a great number of Polish and foreign chivalric brotherhoods.