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The Elbląg Canal in Elbląg Add to route
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ul. Wodnia 1b
82-300 Elbląg Elbląg
Warmia Masuria province
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Kanał Elbląski Fot. A.Podhorodecki
Kanał Elbląski Fot. A.Podhorodecki
The Elbląg Canal leads through two geographical regions – Żuławy Wiślane and Pojezierze Iławskie. As its starting point on assume the Elbląg River. Further it leads through the Drużno Lake– a Nature Reserve (Ornithological). The path from Elbląg to Ostróda leads across the lake. The Elbląg Canal, with a system of five ramps unique in Europe - was built to bridge the difference of about 100 m, separating Drużno Lake from Piniewo Lake. The author of the design was the engineer Georg Jakob Steenke from XIX century. The start of construction works of the canal falls on 1848. Originally on transported here mainly wood, but with the development of railways and road transportation, this function has lost its importance. The Canal started to be used for touristic purposes, organizing trips for tourists. The Elbląg Canal with a length of 82 km and due to the still operating hydro-technological equipment is classified as a worldwide sensation. The unique nature and landscape is admired every year by thousands of tourists - sailing cruise passengers and individual boaters.