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Museum „Mansion of Mikołaj Rej” in Nagłowice Add to route
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Kacpra Walewskiego 7
28-362 Nagłowice
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
Nagłowice-dworek Mikolaja Reja, Paweł Pierscinski
Nagłowice-dworek Mikolaja Reja, Paweł Pierscinski
The museum „Mansion of Mikołaj Rej” shows the writer’s connections with the town as well as the importance of his work both for literature and the whole Polish culture. There is an exhibition of reproductions showing life and literary output of Mikołaj Rej. The woodcuts contain extracts of Rej’s works and records of his biography. The show-cases house interesting descriptive documents (e.g. letter to a neighbor or a tax report). The mansion is surrounded by a park in English style, founded at the turn of XVII and XVIII century, which has been transformed twice: mid XIX century and in the beginnings of XX century. The oldest part includes traces of a former geometrical garden, located on terraces. The highest terrace is the so called garden salon with horse chestnut lanes, solitary-trees and ponds. In an old, English-style park surrounding the mansion, we can see some venerable oaks – considered as nature monuments (trunk perimeter from 4 to almost 7 m) and a very rare specimen of an Eurasian smoke tree. Worth seeing are also a Canadian Hemlock, Eastern Black walnut, Red Juniper, the Hornbeam lane, elm trees and magnificent larches. Near to the mansion, the princely family of Radziwiłł – the last owners of the property – erected during the years between World Wars a storied palace with a monumental column porch. The palace was connected with the mansion by a special connector. At present, the building hosts a Children’s Orphanage. Other historical objects build by the Radziwiłł Family that served formerly as utility buildings also survived: a court outbuilding, the house of the administrator, a four-flat building, stables, a granary and a forge.