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Zamkowa 1
25-010 Kielce
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
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Muzeum Narodowe w Kielcach
Muzeum Narodowe w Kielcach
This is one of the greatest and best preserved residences from the Vasa dynasty times. The palace, located in the monumental city part, houses original interiors from the XVII and XVIII century with unique elements of architectural decorations: frame roofs with paintings from the workshop of Thomas Dolabella, polychrome beam-framed floors, ceiling friezes, marble and stone fireplaces, portals and floor fragments. The living and guest apartments has been used to present artistic handcrafted goods of highest European class: fabrics (i.e. Flemish and French tapestries), Furniture (i.e. wardrobes in Gdańsk style and a tablecloth press, as well as a set of Italian renaissance furniture). The exhibition is complemented by French, Italian and Polish paintings from the VXII century. ITALIAN GARDEN In 2003 at the western side of the palace, on reconstructed a renaissance garden that refers to Italian models. The lawn quarters from the side of the palace have a geometrical pattern cut-out in the turf. The quarters are filled with white and red gravel with peonies in the corners. Successive two quarters form plantings of shaped boxwood with seasonal flowers: tulips, narcissus and pansies. The decorative garden is surrounded by an apple orchard, formed in four quarters and closed up with hornbeam lanes. THE SANCTUARY OF MARSHAL JÓZEF PIŁSUDSKI The Sanctuary takes 3 rooms in the south-west corner of the palace. The former room of the Commandant has been decorated with marble panels. The Banner Room contains the triptych "Wkroczenie strzelców Józef Piłsudskiego do Kielc" [Entering of Józef Piłsudski rifleman to Kielce] by Stanisław Batowski and copies of banners of the 1. and 4. regiment of Polish Legions. FORMER EASTERN AND EUROPEAN ARMAMENT The military collection includes 600 exhibits originating from European countries and the East. Among the most interesting one’s we have the armament of Polish hussars, breast-plates and back-plates dating to the end of XVI century as well as a chainmail and a helmet with chainmail coif dating to XVII century GALLERY OF POLISH PAINTINGS AND ARTISTIC HANDCRAFT One of the best painting galleries in Poland, having among its collection about 250 paintings. Characteristic for the gallery in Kielce is an extraordinary collection of Old Polish portraits, including personages from the XVII-XVIII century, as well as a XVII century collection of landscape and genre paintings, including the work of arts by J. Szermentowski and W. Malecki. The standing of the gallery is backed up with paintings of J. Kossak, J. Brandt, J. Chełmoński, O. Boznańska, S. Wyspiański, W. Wojtkiewicz, L. Wyczółkowski, J. Malczewski, J. Pankiewicz. The paintings gallery is accompanied by beautiful handcrafted goods: Baroque and Rococo, made by far eastern artisans, Polish glass in Art Deco style, the most valuable examples from the biggest collection in Poland of Ćmielów china-ware, Secession and Rococo glass and metal s, Rococo and Polish furniture from the XVIII/XIX w.