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Ruins of a rolling mill in Nietulisko Duże Add to route
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27-400 Nietulisko
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
Ruiny walcowni w Nietulisku Dużym
Ruiny walcowni w Nietulisku Dużym
The ruins of a rolling mill for fine rolled sections and steel sheets in Nietulisko Duże are the remains of a plant which was the last chain of the so-called “Starachowice industrial complex”. Built in the years 1834–46, the plant was a carefully laid out urban establishment with a factory settlement and a water system. It included a rolling mill, two dryers, a storehouse, a shed, a stable, an administrative building, some scales and 36 houses for the workers and management staff. Today, the rolling mill is an important monument of technology, with the completely preserved, historical water system as its greatest value.