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Metallurgical furnace in Kuźniaki Add to route
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Żeromskiego 16
26-067 Kuźnice
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
Piec hutniczy w Kuźniakach
Piec hutniczy w Kuźniakach
In 1782, the smallest of 34 blast furnaces on Polish grounds was operated in this place. It was the propriety of Radońska Family. In subsequent years, the plant has been developed and changed its owners. In last years of operation, being the propriety of Kamiński-Grosman company, the blast furnace received the name „Jadwiga”. After modernization in 1890 it worked until 1897, when it was closed due to the run-down of ore deposits. Main production in the last operation period out of the produced 1000t pig iron per year included railings, grids, crosses, sheets and pipes. In 1901 the plant was partially taken to pieces. On the 30th May 1972, the blast furnace has been entered in the Register of Historical Monuments under No. 767. The remaining of the blast furnace plant that can be visited nowadays, has been entered in the Register of Historical Monuments under No. 1030 the 28th April 1984. It includes: ruin of the blast furnace –stone bricked object from 1860-70, reconstructed before 1897; post-production building dated back to the first half of XIX century, in the beginning of XX century turned into a water-mill as well as a water system and hydro-technological equipment dated before 1787, transformed in 1860-1870. These are composed of a dam remaining on Łośna River, a stone working sluice, a wooden overfall sluice and stone bricked, vaulted, underground working channel. It is an open-air object.