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Museum of Zagłębie Staropolskie in Sielpia Add to route
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Sielpia k. Końskich
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
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Sielpia,Muzeum- Michał Maciążek
Sielpia,Muzeum- Michał Maciążek
The Museum of Zagłębie Staropolskie (branch of the Museum of Technology Warsaw) is a unique technology monument on European scale. It’s located in halls of the former rolling mill and puddling mill dated to the first half of XIX century, which has been constructed within the frames of an industrialization program of Polish lands after 1815 elaborated by Stanisław Staszic. The plant used water energy thanks to the creation of a reservoir on the Czarna River. The plant operated till 1921, when the production became uncompetitive with regard to the production e.g. of Zagłębie Dąbrowskie. In 1934 the plant became the first national technology and industry monument, registered in the Register of historical monuments. The historical plant had in possession an almost complete production equipment dated to the first half of XIX century, i.e. a rolling mill system, a prototype turbine constructed by Filip Gerard, as well as two large water-wheels (one is still intact) and nowadays, as the biggest water-wheel in Poland with a diameter of 9m operated in a former plant as driving appliance for rolling mills, it is activated during summer and early autumn! The plant is open to visitors, together with an exhibition including collections of designs, drawings and documents related to industry development in Zagłębie Staropolskie in the XIX century. The period of the II World War was tragic in consequences for the historical plant. The occupier treated the equipment as scrap source, destroying almost all equipment, with exception of the one water-wheel. The plant turned into a ruin. It was in 1956 that the Museum of Technology decided to protect the ruined monument. The reconstruction begun and in 1962 the institution, as branch of the Museum of Technology, received the name of Museum of Zagłębie Staropolskie. Efforts were taken up to collect historical machines and mechanisms originating mainly from industry plants of Kielce Region, i.e. machine tools dating back to the first decades of XIX century, originating from the Machine Plant in Białogon by Kielce (it’s rareness on European scale). Created were also collections of cast iron artistic and utilitarian casts. Nowadays, it is the background of different events, among which the most popular is Kuźnice Koneckie, organized on the territory of former Metallurgical Plant, being at present part of the mentioned Museum of Staropolskie Zagłębie Przemysłowe.