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Sankt Adalberth’s Church in Kielce Add to route
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pl. Św. Wojciecha 9
25-307 Kielce
Świętokrzyskie Mountains (Holy Cross Mountains)
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Kościół św.wojciecha-Michał Maciążek
Kościół św.wojciecha-Michał Maciążek
The Sankt Adalberth’s Church – founded in 1763 by the canon J. Rogalla in place of the wooden (larch) temple about 1084. A legend bounds the foundation of this church and the foundation of Kielce with Mieszko, the son of King Bolesław Śmiały, who was saved from death and exhaustion from fights with bandits send by his uncle Władysław Herman, by Sankt Adalberth. By touching the ground with the crosier, he made a source (giving the beginning to the former Silnica). Its waters allowed the prince to regain his forces. In memento of this event, the prince founded a church and a village. The present temple is kept in Classical style (redeveloped in 1885-89). The main altar contains a painting by Jan Styka „Rozmnożenie chleba” [Reproduction of bread], and the side aisles we can find another paintings of this painter: Sankt Joseph and Sankt John of Nepomuk, Sankt Francis and Sankt Rosalia (on the middle south pillar). At the church there is also a so called lantern of death – a stone pillar with the figure of the Pensive Christ from 1732. A small wall fragment is preserved in front of the church, where Germans executed hostages in 1943 – AK soldiers.