Beautiful East About voivodeship

In the European Union, there is also Lubelskie voivodeship which is located at the eastern end of Poland. It is a region, which is extremely beautiful and exotic. In this land, Western and Eastern cultures connecting Catholic, Orthodox, Judaic, Greek, Armenian and Tartar traditions coincide.

The representatives of the above nationalities used to inhabit and ideal Renaissance city of Zamość which was called Padua of the North because of its special aspects of architecture. They also contributed to the power of Lublin – the capital of the region which until today has been the biggest urban agglomeration of eastern Poland and the most significant centre of education and culture.
 A symbol of multinational and multi-religious past of the region is the Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Lublin Castle – a monument of the world’s highest-class monument combining Gothic architecture with Russian-Byzantine paintings.

Lubelskie voivodeship, which is already 530 years old, is a region of pure untouched nature (which is protected by 2 national and 17 landscape parks), living folk traditions, craft and wonderful monuments of the past impossible to be met anywhere else. Among such monuments we can mention unique in a scale of Europe Chełm Chalk Tunnels, the only one of its kind Museum of Palace Interiors in Kozłówka or sacred Orthodox Monastery in Jabłeczna, which is the oldest complex of this kind in Poland.

In order to get to know the beauty of the Lubelski region and to take delight in its unique atmosphere and tastes, it is necessary to stay there for longer. It is worth finding enough time for long walks, bike trips or holiday in the saddle. Then one can see Polesie bogs which are the most extensive in Poland, feel the power of huge fir and beeches trees in Roztocze forests and let oneself be carried away with the magic of a silent nostalgic Pobuże.
The following institutions take care of tourist development in the region:

Lublin Regional Tourist Organization

ul. Skłodowskiej 5

20-029 Lublin

tel.(081) 532 14 48

fax.(081) 532 14 48


Lubelskie voivodeship Tourism and Promotion Department

ul. Lubomelska 1-3, piętro 7

20-001 Lublin

tel.(81) 44 16 789

fax.(81) 44 16 790


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