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Lublin Region
The Krasnobród Parish Museum [Krasnobrodzkie Muzeum Parafialne] was established in 1989-1994, organized by Priest Prelate Roman Marszalec, the custodian of the Marian Sanctuary. The museum is housed in a building within the cloister courtyard. The bee hives, staying in front of the entry, grooved in the huge fir-tree trunks deserve for attention. The museum has four exhibitions. 1. Ethnography – This exhibition collects useless today farm and household equipment and tools of country craftsmen. There are: wooden ploughs and harrows, weaving equipment, painted home cases and so called Krasnobród chests to keep clothes, and other interesting objects. 2. Palaeontology - This exhibition presents plant and animal fossils. There were collected over 100 exhibits of lime rock with imprints of animals and plant living millions of years ago. These holdings come mainly from the Krasnobród quarries. 3. Pottery – Among the exhibits there are so called “siwaki” [grey pots], decorative little jugs and double pots, animals and birds, so called “zezule" [cuckoos]. The exhibits are constituted by family relics of the deceased potters. 4. Flora and fauna of Roztocze - This exhibition includes over 250 species of plants and many species of animals living in the Roztocze Region.

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