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Podkarpackie voivodeship is located in Southern-East Poland sparing its borders with Ukraina and Slovakia. Its special location is not its only advantage. Due to the positive aspects of nature and environment, Podkarpackie is one of the most popular tourist regions in Poland. It is particularly attractive because of the beauty of the landscape and its rich culture. The Bieszczady, which are perceived as a European oasis of wild nature attracting hoards of tourists searching for some rest in the company of untouched nature are considered particularly charming.

The area of the region which is under protection exceeds the Polish average by 20 percent. Bieszczady National Park is listed by UNESCO. Magurski National Park also offers numerous unique specimens of the flora and fauna. Wolves, bears, lynxes, bisons and beavers are protected species of the region because of which many educational and photographic trips or safari rallies are organised.

Apart from the national parks mentioned above, there are 10 landscape parks, 17 protected landscape areas and 71 nature reserves in the Podkarpackie region. Moreover, an increasing number of Farm Tourism holiday, the possibility to produce eco-food and above all, wonderful nature conditions make the region a world class tourist destination.

Podkarpackie voivodeship is one of the least polluted regions in Poland and provides first-class purity water. Because of a big variety of mineral water coming from the region, Podkarpackie is famous for numerous health-resorts such as Iwonicz Zdrój , Rymanów Zdrój or Polańczyk. Lake Solina – the biggest artificial lake in Poland – is a perfect place for practising water sports and sailing. There are many tourist trails intended to encourage tourists to go hiking; the most attractive of them are to be found in Bieszczady. Bike paths of various length and different levels of difficulty also cover big areas of the region.

Horse-riding tourism in Podkarpackie region is getting more and more popular. Numerous studs offer riding lessons, both professional and recreational. Horse trips that last for one day or longer can go along the trails that cover 140km altogether.
 Other attractions of the region are sacred and secular objects. Their architecture has been influenced by Latin and Byzantine style and it reflects presence of Jewish origin people. The tourist route leading through 175 towns includes wooden temples, palaces and manor houses, which are inherent elements of the Polish landscape.
 History lovers will be happy to visit the Potocki Castle in Łańcut (one of best-preserved gentry residences in Poland) together with its park complex , Reneissance palaces in Baranów Sandomierski and Krasiczyn. All these valuable architecture monuments of Podkarpackie voivodeship, together with some others, prove the unique cultural and religious variety of the region.

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The following institutions take care of tourist development in the region:

Podkarpacka Regional Tourism Organization

ul. Szopena 51/302

35-959 Rzeszów

tel.(17) 852 00 09

tel.(17) 852 06 00 w.230

fax.(17) 867 62 30


Podkarpackie Tourism and Sports Promotion Department

al. Łukasza Cieplińskiego 4

35-010 Rzeszów

tel. (17) 747 66 00

fax. (17) 747 66 01


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