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Podlasie province
In 1952 the local population led by Kazimierz Łomacki built a wooden Sacred Heart of Jesus chapel in Paweł Gołębiecki (son of Jan) Square. A wooden chapel was blessed in June 1952. Next year it got extended. In 1954 Michal Krzywicki – apostolic administrator of Pińsk diocese - allowed for keeping the Holy Sacrament in the chapel. In 1969 three bells were bought financed by the local population. Since 1971 all holy sacraments were administered. In August 1977 bishop Władyslaw Jedruszuk legislated an independent rectory distinguished from Brańsk parish. It included the following villages: Chojewo, Pace and Kiersnowo. Priest Jan Wasilewski was appointed the first rector of the church and he started the construction of a brick church in 1982.

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