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Ciekoty and the gorge of Lubrzanka river Add to route
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Busko - Zdrój
Ciekoty-zalew-Archiwum ROTWŚ
Ciekoty-zalew-Archiwum ROTWŚ
Stefan Żeromski spend here his infant and adolescent years; the so called "Żeromszczyzna" is at present a recreation area with a small water reservoir, a summer café and a small camping facility. Through Ciekoty leads a tourist path marked blue – coming from Cedzyna (11 km) to Sankt Catharina (6 km) and further on to Bodzentyn (14 km) and Wąchock (34 km). In 2km distance there is a picturesque Lubrzanka river gorge, between the mountains Radostowa and Klonówka, known as the main Świętokrzyskie region tourist path, marked with the color red. On the sides of Klonówka-mountain (also called Ameliówka) you’ll find two hotel objects. Access to Ciekoty and Ameliówka by municipal busses No. 10 and 38.